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About The Brand

By combing traditional Spanish craftsmanship with innovative technology
We are changing the way people shop for shoes.

Our Mission

Idrese is on a mission to provide premium footwear through traditional craftsmanship and modern innovative technology; Revolutionizing the custom footwear market. We want to help you not only increase the quality of your wardrobe, but to express who you are everyday, one step at a time.

Our Promise

We are here to deliver premium footwear that is durable, fashionable, professional, and provides comfort. We are here to give you a pair of shoes that is at moments the centerpiece of conversation. And to support you in your endeavors through life, whatever they may be. These are shoes that will last you long after the price is forgotten.

Our Essence

To make great shoes is the core of our foundation because it reflects the respect we have towards the craft we have so well conserved.

Our Vibe

At Idrese we make magic. You dream it, and then we bring your artistic styles to light on a well-crafted pair of shoes. We believe there is a better way to customize premium footwear and we want you to experience it.

Making beautiful, fashionable shoes would have been enough. But integrating all the history, tradition and modern innovations into a philosophy infused with every product would make it divine. Idrese is turning the dials beyond the limits of traditional norms and measurements, throwing away all preconceived notions of manufacturing standards, laying the foundations for what true craftsmanship is really about, and serving as a standard other companies should strive for.

From the craftsmanship process, down to the customer service, Idrese is a brand that is built to deliver the ultimate custom footwear experience from beginning to end. Our factories in the South of Spain produce the highest quality footwear for global luxury brands, our leathers are imported from top tanneries across Italy, and each one of our craftsman has the craftsmanship experience you can depend on. Let your ideas flow onto a handmade work of art. A perfect, long-lasting pair that has style and functionality; designed by you, made by us.

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We want to help you not only increase the quality of your wardrobe,
but to express who you are everyday, one step at a time. Let us know how we can be of
assistance to you, customer service is a priority to us.


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