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How long will it take to produce my order?

The average production time for our Made-to-Order process takes approx. 3-5 weeks (which usually take 6-8 months elsewhere). Please remember that the pair of shoes you order is not made beforehand. Once your order is received, every part of it is going to be crafted by hand and will take several man hours to complete; from cutting the leather to stitching the sole.

Also, please note that certain customizations and artisan methods like the Patina finishing takes more time than others. If you would like your order customized with such methods, it is going to take us just a little more time.

What happens in case of a delayed order?

Please remember that this rarely ever happens. We usually try our best to deliver orders on time. However, since this is a hand-made production process, our production line may be faced with problems that are out of our control. Some of the problems that may force us to start from scratch include stains and broken pairs.

Should this happen, we promise to let you know and start manufacturing the next pair as soon as possible.

In this rare event we will get in touch with you and offer a full refund or an exchange.

How Can I Modify My Order?

Due to this being a made-to-order service, we do not allow modification or cancellation of orders that have already been paid on our systems. This is because once payment is made, the order is directly sent for production.

The moment you spot an error in your submission, please contact us immediately and we will review each case on an individual basis.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Once an order is placed and payment submitted, the order is automatically sent to the factory for production. During the first 48 hours, raw leather is cut by hand. Manufacture of the sole unit also starts at this time. After 3-5 weeks, the production process on the pair is completed.

It is possible to make a cancellation on an order whose production has already started. However, please be informed that there is a 50 euro cancellation fee. This is for the labor and material spent on the production of the pair so far.

Your refund is going to be of the full amount minus the cancellation fee.

Items that are on sale, as well as those made with promotion/ voucher codes, will get their refunds in the form of in-store credit ONLY.


Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver worldwide via UPS Express Worldwide Service. Please confirm on the checkout form to see if your country is listed.

How long for my delivery to arrive?

Your pair of shoes will be expressed shipped directly from our factory to you!

The time in transit is dependent on your country as well as your postcode, but the majority of the orders are delivered between 3-4 days.

What are the associated shipping costs?

Your country and your postal code will determine the shipping costs. Once you have entered your shipping information on the checkout page, you will be advised of the shipping costs.

Can I track my order?

Yes. From My Account on the website, it is possible to track your order. Alternatively, we are going to send you an email that has your parcel’s UPS tracking number. By visiting, you can track your parcel’s shipping status.

Do I have to pay for customs taxes or import duties?

Yes. Any import taxes and customs duties imposed by your country’s customs agency are your responsibility. Different countries have different rules, rates, and regulations regarding duties and taxes.


Why is my credit card payment being rejected?

There is a number of reasons as to why credit card payments may be rejected. Check the information below and give it another try:

Wrong card data – Confirm that the information you have entered into our system is exactly as it appears on the card.

Credit/ debit limit – Some cards have a daily or monthly limit on how much money can be spent. This is for security purposes. Please get in touch with your bank to see if you have exceeded your limit. Alternatively, you can try using another card.

3DSecure verification fail – This occurs when your card is not enrolled on 3D secure or if the system cannot access your bank’s verification process. Please try another card or get in touch with your bank.

What is 3DSecure and how does it work?

3DSecure is a second step of verification which is used by our website. This helps in facilitating security of all transactions that go through our website.

Once your credit card information has been entered and you clicked on the payment button, you will be taken to a second verification page. This page is handled by your bank.

The 3DSecure process varies depending on your bank. The standard procedure involves sending a security code via text to the mobile number that has been authorized or using a special verification PIN code known only by the rightful owner.

How safe are my card details on your site?

The payment processor we use is SAGEPAY®. Data on your credit card is transmitted safely to our processor by an encrypted SSL connection. This means that your financial information is sent directly from your browser to Sagepay’s secure server without Animas Code having any access to it.

Sagepay is one of the world’s most trusted payment processors. Their servers are PCI compliant and are managed by some of the top security experts in the world.

Why am I being charged for VAT?

Idrese adheres to the European and Spanish tax policies.

A 21% VAT is charged on all purchases by Europeans. Customers not within the European Economic Community do not pay any VAT or taxes.

How do I download my invoice?

Shortly after placing your order, you are going to receive an email with our commercial invoice.

You can also access the invoice on My Account if you already have an account with us. All your invoices are there for your convenience.

If you cannot find your invoice, please contact us!


Do you accept returns?

Yes you can apply for a full refund on your purchase within 90 of receiving the shoes.

Please read the Return Policy section for full information and procedures.

Do you accept size exchanges?

Yes. However, you will first have to return the item and apply for a refund. Upon fulfillment of the return procedure, a refund will be made using in-store credit. You will then be able to place a new order with the desired size.

Read the Returns & Exchanges Policy to learn more about this process.

Do I have to pay for the returning shipping costs?

We will pay for the return of your item.

Please read the Return Policy agreement to learn more

How long does it take to receive a refund?

It takes 7-15 days from the receipt of the confirmation email for the refund to appear on your balance. This, however, may vary depending on your bank.

If you are yet to receive your money, please have a look at your bank account. After this, you may need to get in touch with your credit card company. It could take several days for your refund to be posted. After this, contact your bank. If after all this you are yet to receive your refund, contact us on [email protected]

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